Investment Management


At Spectrum Wealth we use an innovative process to navigate volatile markets. It involves a continuous reassessment of your portfolio, and when it seems prudent, we readjust your investment mix. Our perspective means that we observe financial markets around the world by utilizing a purely mathematical and non-emotional process to adjust the investment portfolio. We are not relying on any one particular guru, rocket scientist, or fortune teller to look into their crystal ball. We believe that a successful investment experience is derived from a smart and disciplined strategy applied over time. Our commitment is to do everything we can to help you reach your goals. In addition, we will proactively communicate with you as we travel together on the journey.

How Our Investment Process Works

Goals Based Investing

At Spectrum Wealth Management, each one of our clients is at a different stage on their unique paths towards achieving their financial aspirations. Our Goals-Based Investing framework structures a portfolio to optimize your ability to achieve specific short-term and long-term goals within your desired timeframe.

True financial planning cannot be commoditized and is much more than a simple projection on a spreadsheet. For us, financial planning and investment management is a genuinely personal and specialized service. Authentic Goals-Based Investing reflects these strong beliefs: We start by recognizing your unique risk-profile including your goals within the necessary time frame of your financial resources. The end result is an investment portfolio designed to manage your money towards your desired long-term objectives.

Faith Based Investing

You’ve worked hard for your money. Investment capital can serve a higher purpose when we decide to steward our investments for a greater calling and according to our Christian values. Spectrum Wealth Management is sensitive to our clients’ Christian values and this is why we offer Faith-Based Investing — an approach to building investment portfolios with stocks and funds that align with Christian ethics and goals for creating a better community, a better life, and advancing God’s Kingdom. Let us show you how to invest in inspiring companies that are making a difference.

The return of Faith Based Investing may be lower than if the advisor made decisions based solely on investment considerations.

Assemblies Of God
United Methodist Church


Mature Content, Alcohol, Animal Welfare, Contraceptives, ESCR, Gambling, Life Ethics, Military Weapons, Firearms, Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco


Carbon Intensity, Climate Change, Nuclear Power, Coal, Oil & Gas


Gender Focus, Bribery & Fraud, Governance Structure


Specific selection of stocks which meet the requirements of the client


Child Labor, Civil Liberties, Discrimination & Diversity, Human Rights

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